Sunday, September 20, 2009

More GOP Lies on Health Care

I for one am getting a little sick of Republicans lying about health care in countries where it is far superior to our own.

Sue-Myrick A GOP congresswoman grateful for quick detection of her breast cancer says Democratic health overhaul plans could mean life-threatening delays in treatment.

Rep. Sue Myrick of North Carolina said in her party's weekly radio and Internet address that her diagnosis "took six doctors, three mammograms and one ultrasound before they finally they found my cancer. This process took only a few weeks."

"Under the government-run health care system they have in Canada and the United Kingdom, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to get those tests so quickly," she said. "One international study found that three times as many citizens in those countries wait longer than a month to see a specialist. When it comes to life-threatening diseases like cancer, delay could mean death."… [emphasis added]

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I’m glad that Sue Myrick got the care she needed from the government run health care that we taxpayers provide Congress.  It is the height of hypocrisy that she is now lying to deny the same level of care to millions of Americans, even though the lack of it kills 45,000 of us per year.

We happen to have Jo among our regulars, a lady of impeccable integrity, one whom I have known for several years, and one who has a front row seat to what goes on in Canadian health care.  Her job involves helping to administer that system in her home province.  A few days ago she posted an article on her blog expressing her frustration at the lies she keeps hearing from our side of the border about Canadian health care.  Her article is definitely worth the read.  To do so, Click Here.


Randal Graves said...

Like we can really trust someone from Canada. Their football doesn't even have four downs!

TomCat said...

Disclaimer: in case you don't know Randal, he's joking!

Brother Tim said...

America is a Nation of Idiots (except for the visitors to Politics Plus). ;)

Brother Tim said...

Oh, and the Editor. :)

Sue said...

why are these people still arguing Canadian healthcare? We're not heading in that direction. I have a few friends in Canada and have asked them about their feelings on this, they say they LOVE their healthcare and of course just like any place they have those who find fault but all in all 99% LOVE it!

TomCat said...

LOL, Brother. Thanks. At a high school in Oklahoma, 80% of the students were unable to identify a picture of George Washington.

Sue, they don't have any real arguments sufficient to generate the fear they so desperately depend upon, so they use lies instead.

Complaint Department Manager said...

I still don't see why we can't take the best parts of Canada and Europe and create something that will help us all.

Dave Dubya said...

Thanks to the Radical Right, the US continues to scorn civilized society.

Although many Americans are decent people, their institutions betray the dark underside of the US.

We are militaristic barbarians with no concern for human rights or welfare.

Actions speak louder than words.

Jo said...

Every single person in the United States should be given a big bowl of popcorn, a glass of soda (or beer ... or beverage of their choice) and be made to sit down and watch "Sicko". It is an eye-opener.

Everyone loves Americans. They are big-hearted people. But sometimes they choose not to avail themselves of any information outside their own country. They have bought into the notion that theirs is the great country on earth, and in the meantime, other countries are passing them by.

It's like the song from "Johnny Appleseed" -- "Get on the wagon train, my friends, or you'll be left behind..."

Jolly Roger said...

The Rushpubliscums celebrate ignorance. They are quite proud of not knowing the difference between what is true and what is not. I really don't know how you educate the deliberately stupid, and I'm less inclined to try every day. Let them be stupid; there's enough of us to roll right on through them.

ivan said...

Agreed Michael Moore's Sicko is an eye opener.

TomCat said...

Welcome CDM. You're visited, commented and blog rolled. Wouldn't that be great? Unfortunately, first we have to overcome about 90 years of GOP/Industry propaganda that generates fear in a way that only multiple generations of brainwashing can.

Well said, Dave.

Jo, in my profile, Sicko has been in my favorite movies list since the day after I saw it. Most Americans get most of their information from the one-eyed god in the corner. The god dispenses infotainment, not news, and if the god is tuned to Faux Noise, it's even worse.

JR, are they deliberately stupid, or just too afraid not to be stupid?

Amen, Ivan. :-)