Saturday, September 19, 2009

Open Thread – Saturday 9/19/2009

On a personal note, I’ll be a little bust today with real-life chores to do.

Emily's List Following up yesterday’s article on Corporate Campaign Cash as Speech, yesterday the US Court of Appeals in Washington ruled that current laws violated the free speech rights of Emily’s list, a nonprofit corporation that backs women who are Democratic candidates and supports pro-choice issues.  While I am all for what they do, I’m not going to act like a Republican and switch sides on issues depending on political context.  Even a progressive nonprofit corporation is still a corporation, and corporations ought not have the same rights as humans.  Like Judge Sotomayor said, SCOTUS needs to reexamine the notion that corporations have human rights without human responsibilities.  To read AP article, Click Here.

I notices something interesting yesterday when examining our counter stats.  We had a visit from the US Senate Sergeant At Arms office that lasted for six hours and forty five minutes, viewing mostly the article and comments on corporate cash as speech.  It gratifies me to know that our opinions have reached the halls of power.

Yesterdays Jig-Zone puzzle was most appropriate for me.  It took me 5:36 to complete.  To try it, Click Here.  Then comment and let us know how you liked it and how you did.

This is an open thread, so what would you like to discuss?

Have a great weekend!


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