Sunday, September 27, 2009

Open Thread – 9/27/2009

I expect to be around all day, but I’ll be away from the computer for religious purposes for the First Church of the Ellipsoid Orb.  That’s right, it’s NFL day.  My gelded Broncos (impossibly 2-0) are playing the Raiders.  Could there be another miracle?

There’s some bad news on the economic front.  The labor department just released its July numbers.  There are 14.5 million workers officially unemployed in the US.  The real number is much worse, because the official statistics do not count millions more officially deemed “discouraged”, because their unemployment has expired.  For all these workers there are only 2.4 million full time jobs available.  This is the worst jobs:workers ratio ever recorded.  This is the legacy of the only successful Bush/GOP undertaking: No Millionaire Left Behind.  Let us hope that improves as the numbers are two months out of date, and because in a recovery, employment is the last thing to recover.

I completed today’s Jig Zone puzzle in 6:21.  To do it, Click Here.  How did you do?

Have a great weekend and feel free tro sound off here.


Oso said...

we live in the Bay Area and I Fox News'd my daughters into being Raider fans many years ago.

I don't really care anymore but my youngest in particular is fanatic and paints her face to go to the games.

When we lived in LA years ago we were at Raider Family Day taking pics,it was when Shanahan was first hired by Al Davis.We spoke to him and he was a nice guy.Davis should have stuck with him but oh well.

the walking man said...

The Detroit Lions are now 1-19 wooo haaa the town is going to partay tonight. ha ha ha ha

TomCat said...

Uh Oh, Oso. I guess she isn't a happy camper then, huh?

Mark, I heard about that yesterday, but refused to believe it until I could confirm it through multiple sources. ;-)