Sunday, September 20, 2009

Obama Will Meet Middle East Leaders at UN

Achieving Peace in the Middle East is the biggest single accomplishment we need to prevent attacks from the wing-nut fringe of Islam.

palestine-map President Barack Obama will meet Israeli and Palestinian leaders on Tuesday to try to relaunch peace talks.

Mr. Obama will hold separate talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, before a joint meeting.

Efforts to restart the peace process have so far been blocked by disagreements over Israeli settlements.

A senior US official told the BBC that there was no expectation of an announcement after Tuesday's meetings.

He said the meetings are "clear sign of the President's personal commitment to this issue."

But he added that it was critical to put the discussions "in context".

"Nine months ago there was a war in Gaza," he said. "The Israeli government has only existed for five months.

"And now these three leaders are going to sit down in the same room and continue to narrow the gaps."

Mr Netenyahu's office issued a statement welcoming the invitation to talks and saying they would be held "without preconditions", Reuters news agency reported… [emphasis original]

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I’m glad that at least they will talk.  The one issue that continues to build settlements in Palestinian territory.  It appears that Israel is only pretending to endorse a two-state solution.  Why else would they continue to populate land that is promised to the Palestinians?  The US cam wield tremendous influence here because of the vast military aid we provide Israel.  Although many in my party oppose it, I believe that the US should make that aid contingent to Israel negotiating with both Palestinian factions in good faith, beginning with the cessation of settlement building.


Randal Graves said...

I'm with you on this. Hey Israel, want some loot? Stop being a tool. Yeah, I know the inevitable bug eyes because if anyone is good at being a tool, it's the US, but those settlements are about the biggest middle finger they could give to the Palestinians.

TomCat said...

I agree, Randal. How do you think Canada would act, if we started building settlements there...

Hmmm... maybe that isn't such a good example. ;-)

Brother Tim said...

Why do I envision more 'smoke and mirrors'?

TomCat said...

Because you smell smoke and know that it usually obscures mirrors.